Why Golden Key?

Golden Key is an accredited non-public charter school founded by a grassroots group to serve special needs children and their families. The Golden Key Center for Exceptional Children was chartered in September 2008.

The not-for-profit (501c3) center is licensed by the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services for its childcare services. Additionally, its non-public charter school for grades kindergarten through fifth grade is under the accreditation of Ohio Department of Education. The Center is an Ohio Autism Scholarship and a Jon Peterson Scholarship provider.

As a provider for the Ohio Scholarship Programs, The Golden Key is an affordable option for students qualifying for the programs. Offered through the State of Ohio, the scholarship covers the entire cost of tuition, intervention, and the necessary therapies at The Golden Key.

Golden Key is heavily focused on meeting the educational needs of children with Autism as well as children with developmental disabilities. Academic standards are per Ohio Department of Education with adaptations provided by Intervention Specialists to allow access to the curriculum, regardless of their needs.

All staff—teachers, intervention specialists, therapists, and paraprofessionals—work as a team to ensure growth academically, functionally, socially, and emotionally. Parents are a key element of the team to provide a home-school connection.

Currently, the Center offers before/after school care, intervention services for children with Autism, and consultation services. We also provide a very popular specialized Summer Camp.

We offer:

  • Low Student-Teacher Ratio.
    • 6:1 in Grades K-8;
    • 5:1 in Preschool Programs
  • ARTS program as that supplemental curriculum
  • 12-month Preschool and Pre-K Intervention Classes
  • Before and after school care
  • School aide / Paraprofessional training
  • Tutoring services
  • Consultation for school programs
  • On-site Speech Therapy
  • On-site Occupational Therapy
  • On-site Physical Therapy
  • On-site Food Therapy
  • Specialized Summer Camp
Google Classroom

Google Classroom

The Golden Key utilizes the Google Classroom as its technology platform.

This HIPPA compliant and secure program allows for our students to have access to the appropriate education if a remote school is put in place. Each classroom is designated its own link to allow for teachers, therapist and intervention specialist to connect with families.

Please see your student’s teacher to receive the appropriate Google Classroom Link and your student’s Golden Key Email.

Note: A Golden Key Email address is required for each student at The Golden Key.

Private Tuition Payments

The Golden Key Center for Exceptional Children Inc., provides various programs that are not covered by the Ohio Choice Scholarships. Payments for these services are made via Tuition Express®. Please follow the link to set up your personal Tuition Express payment account.